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Key Features and Benefits

EXTRA DECK boasts substantially improved stability and durability by covering the welding points which are drawback of the existing steel wire-integrated decks and by preventing the leak of cement near the connections.

Best product recognized by the Public Procurement Service

The industry’s first certification of the carbon label (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)


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    Reduced construction period

    Simple assembly method minimizes the field work

    Support-less installation allows simultaneous implementation of succeeding process

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    Reduced costs

    Reduced construction period (30% shorter than plywood forms)

    Reduced product cost

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    Enhanced quality

    Improved elastic plate and corrugation ensures an excellent prevention effect of cement leak as compared to existing products

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    Enhanced safety performance

    Reinforced bonding strength between steel plate and wires


Innovative solution for construction slabs

A factory fabricated DECK assembled by welding the stable truss girder consisting of different shape wires and lattice and the zinc-coated steel plate in the bottom that plays the role of form, it can be applied to diverse structures such as RC, S, SRC and double slabs and supports long span installation by controlling its cambers.

Applied technology

Technology that enhances bonding strength

Technology that prevents rust and corrosion by covering welding points

Technology that blocks transmission of welding heat


DECK connection

Applied concrete paste leak prevention technology

Applied connection strength enhancement technology

Product Specifications
type EXR1007 EXR1008 EXR1010 EXR1207 EXR1208 EXR1210 EXR1308 EXR1310 EXR1313 EXR1410 EXR1412
Upper rebar 1-hd10 1-hd10 1-hd10 1-HD12 1-HD12 1-HD13 1-HD13 1-HD13 1-HD13 1-HD14 1-HD14
Lower rebar 2-HD7 2-HD8 2-HD10 2-HD7 2-HD8 2-HD10 2-HD8 2-HD10 2-HD13 2-HD10 2-HD12
Lattice ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6 ø5,ø6
Materials Specifications
  • Steel plates: 0.5mm fused zinc-coated steel plate (KST3506)

  • Upper suspension component, lower suspension component, lattice: 5-14mm wire (KSD3552)

  • Size: 600 x 1500~8000mm (WXL)

  • H: 90 ~270mm (SLAB Thickness: 120~300mm)

  • Lattice pitch: 190~210mm

Patents and Technology Certification
  • Patent (No. 10-1057589): Deck plates with strengthened lattice foot welds

  • Patent (No. 10-0996424): Deck Plate for concrete slabs (prevents concrete paste leaks)

  • K Mark (No. PB12012-014): DECK PLATE (Extra Deck Plate)

  • Carbon label (EXTRA DECK - 1310 type, 1208 type)

  • Selected as the best product by the Public Procurement Service (No. 2012202): Extra Deck plate(Valid period: Apr. 20 2012 ~ Apr. 19 2017)