CI Introduction

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Concept of Winhitech CI


Win-Win. WIN implies the meaning of moving forward based on co-existence and mutual growth.
With ‘Winning Spirit’ DNA, WIN inspires positive and challenging confidence and encourages winning spirit for establishing and sustaining the winning culture.


High Technology. HITECH reflects the will to take a leading position based on the best technologies (advanced technologies).
Symbol & Word Mark

Symbolic meaning of symbol mark

Corporate image of continuous growth and spreading

Red Symbol Mark : A powerful fleet of challenge and passion

Black Word Mark : Winhitech people in the same boat
Represents corporate and culture that communicate, harmonize, and win based on sense of community of ‘Being on the Same Boat’

Utilization of Symbol Color

While color expression shall be prioritized in color of symbol mark, it may be expressed in gold color, silver color, or gilt, beaten silver for a special ornamental effect.

Color of symbol mark shall be used in accordance with color examples of this Paragraph and items suggested in each item of applied examples. There shall be no variance or confusion of image from use of wrong color other than designated color.


Signature system has been developed to combine the basic elements, symbol mark and logo type, in organized and effective ways for creating a unified image.

Signature shall be selected and used in consideration of applied medium and the proportion and interval of the given combination shall not be adjusted arbitrarily.